Yoga & Scoliosis

Learn all about scoliosis and asymmetry and how yoga and meditation can benefit.
Jana Spierings · January 23, 2020

What will you learn

This course will teach you all you need to know as a yoga teacher to safely guide students with scoliosis or asymmetry. Learn the anatomical terms, learn which bones and muscles are affected by scoliosis and how it can affect the nervous system.

Learn how yoga can benefit in case of scoliosis or asymmetry; this course covers meditation, breathing, yoga poses and focusses on grounding, lengthening and leg strenght in particular. How do you handle backbending, twisting and balancing? This course has got you covered.

Become confident teaching your scoliosis student awareness and acknowledgement of the asymmetry. Noticing common compensatory movements in students and supporting them on their yoga journey.


  • experience with yoga and/or completed yoga teacher training
  • basic understanding of the English language
  • a device like computer, laptop or smart phone, tv

This Course is for

  • yoga teachers
  • people with scoliosis or asymmetry and the wish for deeper understanding how to deal with it

Certificate / Qualification

  • Certificate of Completion

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