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Iris Jegen is an entrepreneur in the Holistic Health sector. She lives in Doetinchem in the Netherlands with her 2-year old son and has a great passion for CrossFit. Alongside running her own business, she works as a certified CrossFit (Kids) coach.


She started her journey as a physical therapist, specialized in myofascial release therapy and dry needling. With a personal interest in sport and nutrition, she developed her own perspective on injury (prevention) and optimal recovery. With her own patients, she saw that those who ate whole foods, reduced their stress levels and payed proper attention to their micronutrient intake, recovered faster and had less chance of repeated injuries.

Iris decided to quit her job in the regular health sector and re-educated herself by doing several courses in the holistic health sector, specializing in micronutrients, shortages and optimal recovery.


It is Iris’ mission to bridge the gap between preventive (holistic) health care and the current medical world. She truly believe that it’s possible to combine both worlds, but there is a long way to go and she’s determined to be a pioneer in this field of expertise. She feels responsible for the next generation to optimize our health (care) perspectives.


In her free time, Iris works out at my CrossFit box. She puts in as many training hours as possible, so she can move her way up the ladder as an athlete and start competing.

She loves the fact that all that she does, gives her energy. Not one day feels like working, because she truly stand for everything she does.


In the courses that Iris will be creating for HoliUni, you’ll find a combination of all of the above; her passion, mission, personal expertise, evidence-based and experience-based knowledge.


She’s excited to take you on her journey and open up a whole different perspective for you to view. Enjoy the ride!