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Yoga and Ayurveda gave Sarah the tools and insights on how to live in tune with her cycle and to embrace it, instead of going against it. It opened her eyes to a new way of living, a more feminine and cyclic way of living. And a more feminine approach to yoga as well. In her three years of teaching yoga, her classes became more and more in tune with the energy of the seasons; the seasons of the year but also of the seasons of the monthly cycle.



Sarah Visschedijk is born and raised in the Netherlands. She has struggled with menstrual issues since the start of her period, from cramps to heavy bleeding and serious PMS symptoms. Like a lot of young girls she was told that this was ‘normal’ and that she just had to deal with it, which she did through pain medication. Eventually she went on birth control, which suppressed the symptoms for a while.


About 8 years ago Sarah started to ‘wake up’ as she calls it. She didn’t want to take the pill anymore. It affected her mood immensely and it just didn’t feel right. So she stopped taking it. Unfortunately, but in retrospect not quite unexpected, her symptoms came back. The cramps became worse every month.


Around that same time Sarah started on her Yoga journey. A few years later she did her Yoga Teacher Training (RYT-200, 2016 + 50 hour Yin Yoga, 2017) at Arhanta Yoga Ashrams and also started to discover more about its beautiful sister science Ayurveda. Besides being a yoga teacher, she decided to become an Ayurvedic food and lifestyle coach at Divine Ayurveda in Hilversum (KTNO certified, 2018 – 2019). She learned to really look at the root cause in a holistic way instead of just suppressing symptoms. Because she was still experiencing severe cramps every month, she started to dive deeper. Sarah studied Ayurveda for women at Divine Ayurveda (KTNO certified, 2019) and did an online Yoga Ayurveda Therapist course at Yoga Light in New York (100 hour Continuing Education Credits, 2019) to deepen her understanding of these two sister sciences and how they go together, especially in healing hormonal imbalances and restoring female health and wellness. She started researching women and menstrual health in all aspects: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.



Now Sarah is guiding women in 1-on-1 Ayurvedic consults in her practice, in which Yoga is an important component. She focusses on a yoga practice which will support them throughout the different phases of their cycle and teaches them to embrace their feminine cyclical power.